Funeral Flowers

A simple and elegant way to pay your respects. Shown below are some of our tributes.

Rest assured that these arrangements will be delivered on time, and be of the highest quality.

Casket Double Ended Sheaf – F1

Large Heart – F2

Pastel Colour Sheaf – F3

Oriental Lily Sheaf – F4

White Cross – F5

Personalised Wreath – F6

Pastel Heart – F7

Double Ended Small Sheaf – F8

Pastel Colour Sheaf – F9

Heart Wreath – F10

Funeral Wreath – F11

Bright Wreath – F12

Wreath in White-Soft Colours – F13

Apricot & Pink Wreath – F14

Pink & White Lily Wreath – F15

Pastel Basket – F16

Tall White Arrangement – F17






Please call Angie on 0421 709 437, or contact  us via the contact form below.